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Ten random things: special Laura Branigan memorial edition

Ten songs performed by Laura Branigan:

  1. "Bad Attitude" (Laura Branigan)
  2. "Gloria" (Branigan)
  3. "Close Enough" (Branigan 2)
  4. "Imagination" (Flashdance Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  5. "Didn't We Almost Win It All" (Over My Heart)
  6. "Hot Night" (Ghostbusters Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  7. "Flip & Fill" (Self Control 2004)
  8. "I Found Someone" (Hold Me)
  9. "Heart" (Self Control)
  10. "Meaning of the Word" (Touch)
Grammy-nominated singer Laura Branigan died August 26 of a brain aneurysm. Read her obituary at the Blog of Death.

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