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Ten random things: Reader Request Month, day 7

Characters who appeared only once in Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

  1. Owen Thurman ("Never Kill a Boy On the First Date")
  2. Billy "Ford" Fordham ("Lie To Me")
  3. Grace Newman ("I Only Have Eyes For You")
  4. Freddy Iverson ("Earshot")
  5. Genevive Holt ("Where the Wild Things Are")
  6. Col. George Haviland ("Superstar")
  7. Kevin Berman ("The Body")
  8. Doris Kroger ("Gone")
  9. Sara Harris ("Hell's Bells")
  10. R.J. Brooks ("Him")

This list was requested by astrablue and brooding_soul. Actually, brood requested "tertiary Buffy characters," but the two requests were similar enough that I felt justfied in combining them. And between the two of them, they made ten requests, so I don't think either one can claim I'm being unfair.


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