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Ten random things: Read Request Month, day 8

Ten human bones, from smallest to largest:

  1. Stapes
  2. Distal phalanges
  3. Vomer bone
  4. Hyoid bone
  5. Triquetral bone
  6. Ethmoid bone
  7. Calcaneus
  8. Coccyx
  9. Humerus
  10. Femur

This list was requested by misterweasel, and it was without question the most difficult request to fulfill. It's easy to find a list of all the bones in the human body, but if there's a list that ranks them in size order, I was unable to find it. So I spent a weekend afternoon with Gray's Anatomy and an atlas of the human body, and to be perfectly frank I'm not entirely convinced they're in the right order, except for the first and last bones. astrablue, does it look right to you?


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