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Cities named for women:
  1. Elizabeth, N.J. (named for Elizabeth Carteret, wife of Sir George Carteret, Lord Proprieter of New Jersey)
  2. Charlotte, N.C. (named for Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III)
  3. Victoria, B.C. (Named for Queen Victoria)
  4. Winona, Minn. (named for We-no-nah, an Indian woman who, according to legend, drowned rather than marry a warrior of her father's choice.)
  5. Santa Eulalia del Río, Spain (named for St. Eulalia of Merida)
  6. Marthasville, Mo. (named for Martha Young, wife of town founder John Young)
  7. Pocahontas, Iowa (named for the Indian woman who married Capt. John Smith John Rolfe) (thanks, SNeak)
  8. Carol Stream, Ill. (named for Carol Stream, the daughter of town founder Jay Stream)
  9. Penelope, Texas (named for Penelope Trice, daughter of Ezra Trice, president of the International-Great Northern Railroad)
  10. Thessaloniki, Greece (named for Thessalonica, sister of Alexander the Great, who built the city)
List suggested by marinwood, who might point out that she actually asked for a list of cities named for famous women. But I would suggest that most people know the origin of the name of the community in which they live, and that therefore the women named above are famous, at least in those communities. So there.

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