John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

More anti-bitterness icons! These are somewhat less Communist than the first two. On the other hand, certain of them may imply that those who are bitter are Nazis. Again, these are free for the taking.


On another front in the war on bitterness, the following e-mail was sent to Ace, Sep and Couch Baron this afternoon:

Would you consider making an announcement asking the deeply bitter to confine their ad hominem attacks on past seasons of Buffy to the threads that were created for that purpose? Increasingly, I'm seeing posts consisting of little or nothing more than blanket statements of dislike for the show, usually with some desultory attempt to tie it to the topic at hand. An excellent recent example is dalek's 11:31:49 AM EST post in the "Beneath You" thread. These posts are no less tiresome now than they were a year ago, so I (and I think many others) would prefer to see less of them in the general interest threads. Thanks for considering this.


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