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Ten random things: Reader Request Month, day 19

Ten licensed private adoption agencies:

  1. Coleman Adoption Services (Indianapolis, Ind.)
  2. The Children’s Home Society of New Jersey (Trenton, N.J.)
  3. Angels' Haven Outreach (Monkton, Vt.)
  4. Catholic Charities Bureau of Gainesville (Gainesville, Fla.)
  5. The Giving Tree (Decatur, Ga.)
  6. Catholic Charities of Jackson (Jackson, Miss.)
  7. Little Treasures Adoption Services (Warwick, R.I.)
  8. Southern Christian Home (Morrilton, Ark.)
  9. Volunteers of America of North and Central Louisiana (Shreveport, La.)
  10. The Adoption Option (Fargo, N.D.)

This list was inspired by misterweasel, who wanted to see The Giving Tree appear in a list. He may have been thinking of something else with that name, but hey, I can't read his mind.


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