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Ten random things: Reader Request Month, day 27

Ten kinds of food my nieces and nephews really like:

  1. Apples with peanut butter (Matthew)
  2. ketchup (David)
  3. Cheetos (Matthew)
  4. Kit-Kat bars (David)
  5. Fried crappies (Matthew)
  6. Maraschino cherries (Hannah)
  7. "a mixture of cold broccoli and mushrooms" (Libby)
  8. Sour gummy worms (Hannah)
  9. Nerds (Libby)
  10. Spaghetti with the sauce on the side (Hannah)

This list was inspired by brooding_soul, whose love for Cheetos is so great that he asked, nay, demanded, to see a list containing his favorite snack food, and by my sister, who suggested that her son Matthew should be in one of my lists. Keen observers will note that only four of my six nieces and nephews are mentioned here. That's because I sent an e-mail asking about favorite foods to the mother of my other two nephews, Patrick and Colin, but she didn't reply in time for them to be included here. Sorry, guys!

And a crappie is a kind of fish, you sick freaks. Interesting story about the crappie: in 1986, elementary school students in Illinois voted to select the official state fish. In a daring and potentially embarrasing move, one of the fish on the ballot was the crappie. Amazingly, it came in second behind the bluegill, which my dad thinks won because it was the first fish listed on the ballot. And he could be right, but if I'd been in elementary school at the time, I would have been sorely tempted to vote for the crappie. How could anyone resist that kind of temptation? (Likewise, how could I resist including it in this list when my sister listed it among Matthew's favorite foods? The same goes for Libby's broccoli and mushrooms; that was just too weird to pass up.)


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