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Ten random things: Reader Request Month, day 29

Publications available from the University of Maine Cooperative Extension service:

  1. Composting for Municipalities: Planning and Design Considerations
  2. Facts about Eggs
  3. Artillery Fungus
  4. The Art of Great Meetings
  5. Basic Mapping
  6. Laws and Regulatory Requirements to Consider Before You Build a Pond
  7. Blackleg and Bacterial Soft Rot
  8. Breastfeeding Basics: Getting Started
  9. Christmas Tree Marketing
  10. Bramble Production Guide

This list was inspired by rustydog, who wanted to see municipal composting featured in a list. All these publications and many others can be ordered from the University of Maine Cooperative Extension web site. Unfortunately, you can't order them online; you have to use a paper order form. (Note to my sister: the UW Cooperative Extension Service does let you order online.)


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