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Ten random things: Reader Request Month, day 31

Ten acts of vengeance performed by Anyanka while she was a demon:

  1. Cursed an unfaithful shepherd whose wife had wished his sheep would lie with him
  2. Caused a man to fall in love with President McKinley
  3. Fomented the Russian Revolution
  4. Turned a Californian into a foul-smelling Frenchman
  5. Forced a man to cannibalize himself
  6. Transformed a young man into a Sluggoth demon
  7. Inflicted various putrefying diseases
  8. Summoned a Grimslaw demon that killed several members of Gamma Kappa Tau
  9. Changed history so that Buffy Summers never moved to Sunnydale
  10. Made a man's head explode

I have failed. pidgehuss wanted to see a list of people who are afraid of bunnies. And I tried to help her out, but I couldn't. I couldn't even think of a way to cheat, like I did when brooding_soul asked for a list that contained a non-existent bird. *sob* So I e-mailed her and explained my predicament, and she kindly made some alternate suggestions. I hope this is good enough, pidge!


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