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Ten random things: Reader Request Month, day 34

Ten people raised by or among animals:

1 & 2. Romulus and Remus (raised by wolves)
3 & 4. Kamala and Amala (raised by wolves)
5. Mowgli (raised by wolves)
6. Oxana Malaya (lived primarily with dogs for five years)
7. Princess Mononoke (raised by a wolf-god)
8. Axel Rivas (lived with a pack of wild dogs for three years)
9. John Clayton III, Lord Greystoke, a.k.a. Tarzan (raised by apes)
10. John Ssebunya (lived among monkeys for three years)

This list was composed for rustydog, who wanted to see a list of "people reared by animals; or, alternatively, people who have gone to live with animals; or people who thought they *were* animals." Way to be decisive, rusty.

Some of the people in this list are, it must be said, fictional and/or mythological, and for most of the others there's no actual documentary proof that they really did live among animals. The exception is Oxana Malaya, who is something of a special case among feral children. She spent much of her childhood confined to the kennel behind her family home by her parents. Once freed, she displayed many characteristics of the dogs with whom she spent the majority of her time.

More information about children thought to have been raised by animals and about feral children in general can be found at


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