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More posts about buildings and food. Well, just food.

Last week I posted a list of foods enjoyed by my nieces and nephews, or, more precisely, by my nieces and two of my four nephews.  As I explained at the time, I sent an e-mail to the mother of my other two nephews, Patrick and Colin, but she didn't reply in time for their favorite foods to be included in that list.  But this morning, I finally got a response back from Carrie.  So in the interest of fairness, I need to tell you about Patrick and Colin's favorite foods.

Patrick loves a snack food called Pirate's Booty, which is a puffed corn snack.  He likes to refer to it as booty, as in "I want more booty!"  He's just over two years old, so he's almost certainly the youngest person ever to make a booty call.  Hee.

Patrick also loves any food that is hot.  Carrie says that she can sometimes get him to eat something by telling him it's hot, even if it isn't.  And he loves Fig Newtons, but he calls them "cookies" instead of "fruit and cake."  Take that, Nabisco!

Colin is less than a year old, so he's still eating only baby food, formula, and "Gerber wagon wheels," whatever those are.  Carrie says banana yogurt baby food is his favorite.  That does sound pretty tasty!


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