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I decided this evening--well, last night, technically--that it was time to update my mood theme.  The nocturne_alley mood theme I've been using since last December has served me well, but with nocturne_alley having ended, it was time to move on.  So I poked around a little bit and found a really good Prisoner of Azkaban mood theme by individum.  You can see (and download) the full mood theme at

I've also uploaded several new icons in the last few days.

Gilmore Girls icon

This Gilmore Girls icon was modified from a third season promotional picture.  The background is from a photo I took last May at Shrine Mont, an Episcopal retreat center in Orkney Springs, Va.

rich Superman icon singing Superman icon Christopher Reeve as Superman icon George Reeves as Superman icon

I made the "rich Superman" icon a couple of weeks ago to serve as my default comics icon, but held off on uploading it until after I posted my ridiculous covers list two days ago.  The "singing Superman" icon was originally going to be a dancing Superman icon, but when I included his whole body, the "YAH! YAH! YAH!" was indistinct after I reduced it to the proper size.  And the YAH! YAH! YAH! is what makes it funny, so I redesigned it to be a singing Superman icon.  I'll use it for my music posts.

As for the other two, I figured as long as I was making Superman icons, I might as well make a couple more.  The Christopher Reeve one will be for movie posts, and the George Reeves for TV posts (that aren't about Buffy, Angel, Gilmore Girls or Arrested Development).  Reeves will always be the real TV Superman to me.  No offense, amandajane5.

kerry-edwards icon

I guess this one is self-explanatory.  I got it from  They say it's a MSN Messenger icon, but it's just the right size to be a LiveJournal icon.  So there!  They have two other designs in addition to this one, plus some AIM icons and a bunch of other good stuff if you're a Kerry supporter.  ( has similar material for those who support the other side.)

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