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Ten random things: Reader Request Month, day 45

Ten reasons Reader Request "Month" lasted 45 days:

  1. That's how many days there are in a month, and it's un-American to suggest otherwise.
  2. The voices in my head told me to keep going.
  3. In base six, it only lasted 29 days.
  4. Extra-long months are the magic.
  5. Gosh, I just don't think I ever said it would last a month. It's kind of one of those exaggerations.
  6. Piggishness on the part of jenelope.
  7. A time paradox.
  8. My insane fear of rejection made me fear being dropped as a friend if I didn't fulfill every request.
  9. Can't skip a list, clown'll eat me.
  10. Shut up, that's why!

Today's list was inspired by misterweasel, was asked to a see a list that included a time paradox, and by jenelope, who suggested that she had been piggish by requesting three lists.

Well, there it is: the last of my reader-requested lists of ten things. It's been fun! Mostly. I discovered along the way that developing a list to go around a requested entry was much more entertaining than creating a list for which I had been given a topic. The latter allowed me to do research into a variety of bizarre topics, which is something I enjoy, but it was almost like work, especially when the topic was something about which I knew very little (like bacteria or pre-1400s literature). So when I do this again, I may limit the requests to list entries. Time will tell.

I want to thank [deep breath] par_avion, alena, ambereternal, astrablue, boliver, brooding_soul, cleapet, georgevna, Greg Sorenson, hcwoodward, jenelope, marinwood, mistagoalie, misterweasel, pidgehuss, raebird, rustydog, and tsukata [phew] for their suggestions. I couldn't have done it without you.

The next "special event" on the horizon is my second annual Advent project. You may recall that last year, I posted a poem or song every day during Advent. I have something different in mind this year, but conceptually it's the same. Look for it starting Novemeber 28!


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