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Cartoony goodness

Whoa. I never expected to see Kim and Ron lock lips. Fascinating. So what does this bode for the future? Hard to say without knowing exactly how the Modulator worked. Dr. Bortel (played, by the way, by the always-fabulous Enrico Colantoni) suggests that it amplifies existing emotions, which would indicate that Kim was already harboring feelings for Ron. Interesting, because I seem to recall her deriding the possibility of such a relationship in an earlier episode. As for Ron, he was clearly into the kiss, and he admitted to Monique that he had thought about a relationship with Kim. And when he saw Kim in her little black dress, his reaction was straight out of the Tex Avery handbook. With the series finale on the way, I have to wonder if they're building to something here. I'm not really a Kim/Ron 'shipper—and speaking of which, if you ever want to read some really bad fanfic, pick any story at random from the Kim Possible section at—but I think it'd be nice to end the series with Kim and Ron getting together for real.

Speaking of Kim Possible, has everyone seen Craig Rousseau's realistic (or at least less cartoony) interpretations of the main characters? I know I posted the link at TWoP a few months ago, but I don't remember if I posted it here. Even if I did, he's added a couple new drawings. Check it out.

So does anyone else think it's a little strange that an Independence Day-themed episode of Teen Titans aired in the middle of October? Timing aside, this was an excellent episode. I was happy to see the return of the Mad Mod, geekishly excited to see at least a half-dozen Monty Python shout-outs (not to mention a couple of references to Yellow Submarine), and impressed by the stunning art direction. I loved the look of the black-and-white line drawings of London they used as backgrounds throughout the episode.

I'm a little irritated that Justice League Unlimited is in repeats, and more than a little irritated that they're repeating episodes that originally aired just last month. And why are they re-running episodes out of order? Last week they showed "Hawk and Dove"—the weakest episode of the season, in my opinion—so they should have showed the delightful "This Little Piggy" this week. But instead they showed the merely adequate "Fearful Symmetry." (Hey, that's the second episode this season to share a name with a comic written by Alan Moore. Moore stole it from William Blake, of course, but with Rorshach having been based on the Question, it's hard to believe the choice was coincidental.)

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