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Time for some thrilling heroics

I can't believe I've not seen this mentioned by anyone on my friends list already. Via Peter David's weblog:

High Stakes 2004: Whedon Fans for John Kerry & John Edwards

In every four-year term there is a chosen one. He alone will face the American public, the United Nations, and the forces of darkness. He is the President.

Join us and the Kerry/Edwards campaign at one of the High Stakes parties, or host one of your own. You'll participate in a nationwide conference call to hear Joss Whedon tell us more about his latest endeavors and why he is supporting John Kerry and John Edwards. Joss has agreed to answer questions, with a goal of answering one question from each party if possible.

The "Sitch"

When: Sunday, October 24, 2004, time TBA

Where: At parties nationwide.

To host a party in your area go to the website and register your party. Be sure to put "High Stakes" in the title of your party.

To find a party near you, go to the John Kerry website, enter your Zip Code, and look for parties with "High Stakes" in the title.

What: This is an official fundraiser for the Kerry/Edwards campaign. Minimum donation is $35.00. Hosts may choose higher minimum donations.

Questions: contact

Visit the High Stakes web site for further details and tips for organizing your own party. High Stakes 2004 is not affiliated with John Kerry for President. For official information please visit

Sounds pretty cool. There's already at least one High Stakes party registered here in the DC area, in Falls Church. I'm not inclined to host one myself, so if I decide to participate, it'll likely be this one. Falls Church isn't that far away.


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