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Ten random things: October 18

Ten Unsung Heroes of the Smithsonian Institution:

  1. David Bartlett (1999)
  2. Thomas E. Neumeister (1999)
  3. Paul F. Tavel (1999)
  4. Shelley E. Harlan (2002)
  5. Robert J. Patterson (2002)
  6. Cheyenne Kim (2004)
  7. Kim Pojeta (2004)
  8. Mark White (2004)
  9. Sheila M. Riley (2002)
  10. Lorie H. Aceto (2002)

Unsung Hero Awards are presented annually to Smithsonian employees who show exceptional service and dedication to the Smithsonian Institution. Recent winners of the award are listed on a plaque hung on the ground level of the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History, back near the Birds of D.C. exhibit. But doesn't getting their names on a plaque make them sung?


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