John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

I refuse to take the Which Buffy Episode Are You? quiz on the grounds that I can guess all the possible results from reading the questions. For myself, I choose "The Prom," because in some ways I am fabulous and fun, and in other ways I am deeply annoying.

Are you a Spike addict?

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But see, I do like Spike. I think he's a great character. I violently dislike Spuffy, but I'm just fine with Spike qua Spike.

How Big of a Buffy Fan Are You?

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Pfft. That was like the easiest quiz ever.

How Obsessive Are You Over Buffy?

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Yeah, that seems about right.

Which Spuffy Romp Are You?

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I was not going to take this one because of my anti-Spuffyite leanings, but I wanted to see all the possible answers and I saw no way to do that other than to take the quiz. But then I was so amused by the answer I got that I had to post it.

And just for variety:

What Aspect of Run Lola Run are You?

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