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An assortment of items, mostly but not exclusively related to the election

  1. So here's my game plan for tomorrow night. I'll start with the WB at 8 for a new episode of Gilmore Girls, then flip over to UPN at 9 for Veronica Mars. After that, hard to say. I'll have Monday's Letterman to watch, plus whatever else the TiVo's recorded for me earlier in the day. I'll use Ye Olde Laptoppe to keep me up-to-date on the election returns, because in my opinion there's nothing more tedious and frustrating than watching talking heads try to kill time as they wait for some actual news to trickle in.

    If I believed any given hour of the television coverage would consist of more than 5 minutes worth of election results and 55 minutes of talking heads blathering away endlessly without actually saying anything, I would watch the election coverage. But experience has taught me otherwise, so I may as well spend the evening doing something I enjoy. I used the same technique in 2000 and it worked remarkably well. At the end of the evening, I knew exactly as much about the results of the election as anyone else, and I had enjoyed new episodes of Buffy and Angel. This year should be even better, because I have broadband now.
  2. Speaking of alternatives to election coverage, adult swim will show a new episode of Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law twenty-four times tomorrow night. Apparently, the B story features Phil Sebben running for President. Personally, I would have shown the Futurama episode "A Head in the Polls" twelve times, but they didn't ask me. For some reason.
  3. It's a good night for music on TV. First up: Black Eyed Peas on Las Vegas, performing "Let's Get It Started". Five months ago, I thought I didn't like Black Eyed Peas, but in retrospect I think I just assumed I wouldn't like them, because that's sort of my default position when it comes to rap and hip-hop. But once I actually heard their music, I realized I liked it a lot. And once I saw their videos, I realized that their vocalist Fergie is so amazingly hot that I have to restrain myself from licking the screen whenever I see her. Not the latter has anything to do with the former.

    Later tonight, the Donnas will perform on the Late Show with David Letterman. I'm not a huge fan of the Donnas, but I do like their new single, "Fall Behind Me". The video is pretty good too.
  4. Back to the election beat. Josh Marshall linked to an interesting ABC News story comparing how the Bush and Kerry campaigns react to people showing up at their rallies wearing shirts supporting the other candidate. I certainly wasn't surprised to read that the Bush campaign greeted such people somewhat less than enthusiastically, but I was suprised to see that the person assigned to shoo troublemakers away from the rally was a old roommate of mine. Lance "Chip" Borman and I shared an apartment for a year in Washington, D.C. Fascinating. He wasn't quite so thuggish when we lived together.

    Chip also had some interesting things to say about women when he was interviewed by the New York Observer during the Republican National Convention. Now that sounds like the Chip I knew.
  5. "You see, I'm a voter, just like you, and I can look at these two presidential candidates today and think the exact same thing you're thinking: I wish Bill Clinton could run again." — Darrell Hammond as Bill Clinton, Saturday Night Live Presidential Bash 2004. Heh. I'm not sure I agree, but it's a funny line, and I'll bet the real Bill Clinton agrees.
  6. Don't forget to vote tomorrow! (Unless you voted early. In which case, thanks for voting!)

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