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Ten random things: November 19

Ten major wars of mediaeval and modern times:

  1. Norman Conquest, 1066 (France vs. England)
  2. Bishops' Wars, 1639-40 (English vs. Scotland)
  3. Napoleonic Wars, 1800-15 (France vs. other European powers)
  4. World War II, 1939-45 (British Commonwealth, United States, Soviet Union, China, and the governments-in-exile of France, Poland, and other occupied European countries vs. Germany, Italy, and Japan, and their allies)
  5. Gulf War, 1991 (U.S. and allies vs. Iraq)
  6. Thirty Years' War, 1618-48 (France vs. Hapsburg rulers)
  7. American War of Independence, 1775-83 (Great Britain vs. British colonies in North America)
  8. Spanish Civil War, 1936-9 (Republicans vs. Nationalists)
  9. Falklands War, 1982 (United Kingdom vs. Argentina)
  10. War of the Roses, 1455-85 (House of York vs. House of Lancaster)

Yikes! Getting this one in right under the wire. I'm not used to having a social life.


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