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I am so tired today. And I don't know why. My sleep schedule has not changed appreciably, and I've actually been less busy this week than usual, my Tuesday/Thursday evening classes having been cancelled this week. Nevertheless, it's been really hard to drag myself out of bed the last couple of days, and there hasn't been a single morning or evening this week when I didn't fall asleep on the way to or from work.

The only thing that's different is that I got a lot less sleep last weekend than I usually do. My old friend Mark was in town, and he and I and another friend of ours, Kevin, got together on Saturday to play pool. I had a great time, but I didn't get home until 3 AM. And I had to get up at 8 AM to get ready for church, because I was teaching a Sunday school class that morning. Bleagh.

I'd dearly love to go home tonight after work, watch Firefly, and hit the hay, but I've got a concert tonight, so I probably won't be home until 11 PM at the earliest, and 11:30 PM is much more likely. I'm looking forward to the concert though, even though I have to remain standing for the entire 62-minute program. That will keep me from falling asleep at least. Probably.

Another thing that may keep me awake during the show is the possibility that a co-worker of mine may be the audience. But she may not be. I know she was thinking of going, but I don't know if she was able to obtain tickets before it sold out. I e-mailed her this morning to ask if she'd be there, but I haven't heard back from her. Gr. I hate her so much!

Well, OK, that's not true. I like her quite a lot, actually. But I know tickets were available last week when I told her about the performance, so if she wasn't able to get tickets, I won't be sympathetic.

I can't really sleep in tomorrow either, because I have two more performances on Saturday, one of which is a matinee, so I have to do everything I need to do tomorrow in the morning, lest I miss my 2:15 call. Sleeping in on Sunday is right out as well, thanks to church in the morning and another mantinee tomorrow. I guess I go to bed early on Sunday, though that would mean putting off the season premiere of Angel until Monday. Which is a first-world problem if there ever was one, but still.

The real downside to all this activity this weekend is that I'll have to skip most of the Waterford Fair. Waterford is a tiny community in western Loudoun County, and every year they throw a massive homes tour and crafts festival. It's a huge event, attracting about 30,000 visitors annually. (To put that number in perspective, about 300 people live in the village itself; in the Waterford ZIP code, about 1,000.)

The Waterford Fair is a big deal to me because the church to which I belong is in Waterford. Every year, the church makes and sells apple butter at the Fair. We also sell copies of the cookbook we put out a couple of years ago, and open the church to visitors so they can come in and ooh and ahh at our historic sanctuary. Making apple butter in particular is a labor-intensive process; the stuff has to be stirred constantly for 6-7 hours, and canning it at the end of the day takes at least thirteen people (unless you want to spend an hour canning it, in which case you could get by with seven). Add in the people needed to sell it to the fair-goers, and the people we need down at the church itself to greet visitors to the sanctuary and sell our cookbooks (which for reasons I don't fully understand we can't sell at our apple butter booth). On a normal Fair weekend, I would spend most of Saturday at the apple butter booth, part of Sunday greeting people at the church, and the remainder of the time wandering the Fair.

But this weekend, forget about it. Because of the Saturday matinee, I can't afford to spend more than a couple of hours there on Saturday; and on Sunday, I have to go to the worship service because I'm in the choir (and because I'm serving Communion that morning).

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