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Ten random things: November 26

Ten state trees:

  1. Bald cypress, Taxodium distichum (La.)
  2. American elm, Ulmus americana (Mass., N.D.)
  3. Southern magnolia, Magnolia grandiflora (Miss.)
  4. Blue paloverde, Cercidium floridum (Ariz.)
  5. California redwood, Sequoia sempervirens (Calif.)
  6. Eastern cottonwood, Populus deltoides (Kan., Neb.)
  7. American holly, Ilex opaca (Del.)
  8. White oak, Quercus alba (Ill., Md., Conn.)
  9. Eastern white pine, Pinus strobus (Maine, Mich.)
  10. Yellow poplar, Liriodendron tulipifera (Ind., Ky., Tenn.)

The Eastern white pine is also the official provincial tree of Ontario.


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