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Artistic Advent: Iverskaia Mother of God

Last year, I posted a poem every day during Advent (and Christmastide). I thought about doing the same thing this year, but I was concerned that I might not be able to find another forty poems or songs I liked well enough to post. A few weeks later, I visited the National Gallery of Art to see the (now closed) Sanford R. Gifford exhibition. While I was there, I took a quick spin through the Europeans galleries, and noticed all the religious-themed painting. Specifically, I noticed that nearly every gallery had at least one Madonna and Child. An idea formed: instead of posting a poem a day, I would post a painting. So starting today, the first Sunday of Advent, and continuing through January 6, Epiphany, I'll post a work of art from a Washington, D.C., area museum. Hope you enjoy it!

Iverskaia Mother of God
Oklad made by the firm of Pavel Ovchinnikov
Tempera on wood, silver, filigree enamel, pearls
Iverskaia Mother of God

This is a late nineteenth-century copy of the icon of the Iverskaia Mother of God, which has been located in the Iveron Monastery on Mt. Athos since 999. Icons of this type are an important part of worship in Orthodox Christianity; this one in particular was thought to have miraculous healing powers. For more information, click here.

This work is currently on display at Hillwood Museum and Gardens, the former estate of Marjorie Merriweather Post.
Tags: advent: 2004, art: decorative arts, art: painting

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