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Each year, the US Postal Service issues two Christmas stamps: a traditional design (usually a Madonna and Child) and a contemporary (i.e. secular) design. I like to do the same thing with my holiday icons. I introduced my traditional icon last Sunday, and now I've put up my contemporary design. It's based on this unbelievably geeky Fox Trot cartoon.

Allow me to translate:

M = M
2.71828 = e, a transcendental number used as the base for natural logarithms
r2 =r times r, i.e. rr
(1/y)-1 = y, because raising any nonzero number to the -1 power produces its reciprocal
x2 = square root of x squared, i.e. x
(force/acceleration) = mass, because force = mass times acceleration

Therefore, M(2.71828)r2(1/y)-1x2(force/acceleration) = Merry Xmass. Ba-dum bum!

I colored it myself. I'm quite the artiste!

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