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I'm not smart

I took a quick glance at The King William's College quiz, printed today in The Guardian, and did very poorly indeed: four! Of course, the point of the quiz is not to know the answers off the top of your head, but to be able to find the answers; the Latin epigram at the top of the quiz reads, "To know where you can find anything, that in short is the largest part of learning." And damn it, I'm good at finding the answers to questions. I think I'll work on the quiz over my Christmas holiday. Pointless research is one of my favorite leisure time activities!

Meanwhile, I'm here at the church, having just finished the 7:00 service and awaiting the 11:00. There's really no particularly good reason for me to stay here between services, but neither is there any particular reason for me to go home. Killing time between church services is very much a Christmas Eve tradition for me. Back in the old days, I would go to Yankee Doodle Dandy (a hamburger joint near First Prebyterian Church in Wheaton) with my family and the Kendalls, another family whose children sang in the choir and lived slightly too far away from the church to go home between services. Nowadays I usually just hang out here at the church, reading a book or noodling on the computer in the office. I like the quiet.

Speaking of Christmas Eve traditions, I spent part of the day over at my brother's exchanging gifts, I got some neat stuff, include an interesting Scrooge McDuck statue, done in a primitive folk art style, and two books: Planet Simpson: How A Cartoon Masterpiece Defined a Generation and Schott's Original Miscellany. The latter looks particularly interesting, and will likely be the source of many of list of ten things.

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