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Ten random things: January 10

Ten inexplicable omissions from The DC Comics Encyclopedia:

1. Lilith
While her recent death at the hands of a defective Superman robot was significant enough to be mentioned in three different entries, her life was apparently not important enough to merit an entry of her own. It's a real shame, because she was hot. How is it fair or appropriate to have a Jim Aparo illustration of Looker but not a George Perez (or Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez) drawing of Lilith?
2. The Calculator
A fun Bob Rozakis villain from the 70s who was recently reinvented for the 21st Century by Brad Meltzer in Identity Crisis. Granted, the Encyclopedia went to press well before Identity Crisis came out, but I think he appeared often enough back in the day to merit his own entry.
3. Gary Concord, Ultra Man
An obscure Golden Age hero who made a reappearance in Legionnaires Annual #3 a few years ago. OK, if you gave an entry to everyone who ever appeared with the Legion of Super-Heroes, the book would be as long as a real encyclopedia. But come on, how did Ultra Man fail to make the cut while Neon the Unknown did?
4. The Gay Ghost
Officially, this character is now known as the Grim Ghost, but he doesn't appear under that name either. His only modern appearances have been in an issue of Secret Origins, and in the Limbo visited by Animal Man in Animal Man #29, so he may have been written out of continuity.
5. 'Mazing Man
Another Bob Rozakis creation, he was never officially part of DC Universe continuity to begin with, so that's probably why he didn't make the cut. But it was a really charming series, and it would have been nice to see him in the Encyclopedia.
6. Funky Flashman
Man, who did Bob Rozaiks piss off? The Flashman was a lesser Jack Kirby creation, but Rozakis used him to good effect during his run on Secret Society of Super-Villains in the 70s. And I think he appeared in one of the Superman titles not too long ago, so it's not like they can claim he's no longer part of the official continuity.
7. Multiplex
Firestorm's first and I think most frequently recurring super-powered nemesis, he gained his powers in the same accident that gave Firestorm his powers. He was later responsible for giving Firehawk her powers. OK, he's no Joker, but he's at least as deserving a character as Killer Frost (who did get an entry).
8. The Force of July
The Force of July was a government-sponsored team of metahumans that faced the Outsiders a few times. They were kind of hokey, but are they less deserving of an entry than the People's Heroes, their Soviet counterparts? I think not.
9. Lady Quark
The sole survivor of an unnamed parallel Earth destroyed in Crisis on Infinite Earths #4. I don't know that she necessarily deserves an entry, but Harbinger and Pariah, two other heroes introduced during the Crisis, each got entries, so why not her?
10. Abby Cable
Abby didn't even make it into the index, despite being mentioned in both the Anton Arcane and Swamp Thing entries. Man, that's a low blow, insofar as she was in some ways the most important character in Swamp Thing during Alan Moore's memorable run on the title.

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