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No, I'm not obsessed

A couple of weeks ago, I forgot to record Lost. See, Lost is on at the same time as Smallville, so to see both, I have to use my VCR to record one while the TiVo records the other. Early in the season, I decided that I would put Smallville on the TiVo, because it's not good enough for me to be willing to go to the extra trouble of watching it on the VCR. (TiVo makes you lazy.) The VCR was programmed to record Lost every week, but while I was away for Christmas, a power outage caused the VCR to lose its programming, and I forgot to reprogram it. When I mentioned this to my friend Lori, she said that she would save it on her TiVo so I could watch it when I went to her house for the Golden Globes.

So yesterday, I arrived at Lori's house ready to watch Lost. I found the peanut, brought up the Now Playing screen, and found the episode in question. And right above it in the list was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

And I found my thumb hovering over the up arrow on the remote.

And I thought to myself, "You know, I can watch Lost after the Golden Globes…"

My thumb dropped lower. My hand trembled.

And then I shook it off and watched Lost. But it was a close call.

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