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Point Pleasant

Finally got around to watching the first two episodes of Point Pleasant tonight. Some random thoughts follow:

  • Wow, lots of former Mutant Enemies here. I knew about Marti Noxon, of course, but there's also Ben Edlund, Rob Duncan, Kelly Manners, Tucker Gates, and Rick Rosenthal. Guess those Jossversers like to stick together.
  • Hey, Grant Show! Always good to see my old Melrose Place buddies getting work.
  • Hey, that's Riley's church. I'm surprised anyone goes there, what with all the vampires and swarms of demonic insects that show up there.
  • To my way of thinking, Dina Meyer was much more attractive as Barbara Gordon than she is here as Amber. But I suppose it's sort of the point that Amber's not as hot as she thinks she is. Incidentally, for my nickel, the most attractive "older woman" on the show is Clare Carey, who plays Jesse's mom. None of the women at my church look like that.
  • Of course, my church doesn't have any creepy-looking statues in the basement either. So at least we've got that going for us.

My final verdict: not bad. It doesn't conflict with anything else on my viewing schedule, so I may as well keep watching it.


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