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I have a list of quotes I maintain for my own amusement, and a little CGI program that plucks a random quote from that list. The one that popped up when I looked at it earlier today was intriguing:

Normally I'm a woo!-er but the situation seemed to call for a whee! I tend to reserve woo! for genuinely woo!-worthy events.
     - John Heaton

I have no idea what the hell I was talking about when I said that. It is kind of funny, though, so I guess I was justified in adding it to the list.

And just in case you were wondering just how highly I think of my own wit and wisdom, of the 400+ quotes in the list, only one other is one of my own:

I finished Bridget Jones' Diary today. I was happy she ended up with Mark Darcy.

It's official, I'm a girl.
     - John Heaton

That one I remember; I said it in an AIM conversation with Scully, one of my pals from the TWoP Buffy forums.

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