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Ten random things: February 8

Ten potential CSI crossovers:

  1. CSI: Stuckeyville
  2. CSI: Yoknapatawpha County
  3. CSI: Central City
  4. CSI: Stars Hollow
  5. CSI: Starbridge
  6. CSI: Bedford Falls
  7. CSI: Hogsmeade
  8. CSI: Idaville
  9. CSI: Kandor
  10. CSI: Grover's Corners

Number 3 is a natural, since Central City's most famous resident, Barry Allen a.k.a. The Flash, was a police scientist. Regarding no. 7, I've actually read a couple of short Harry Potter/C.S.I. crossovers. And as for no. 8, admit it: you'd love to see Grissom get shown up by Encyclopedia Brown.


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