John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

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I saw some quizzes that looked interesting and/or funny -- the Marvel super-heroine one and the How Pimp Are You? ones specifically -- and was planning to take them, but I visited the site at which those quizzes are hosted and found the whole site was done in Flash.

I hate Flash. Flash is evil. And 98% of the time, Flash serves no purpose beyond looking k3wl. Because Flash is evil and worthless, I have it disabled in my browser. Generally it's not a problem, because good, well-designed web sites either don't use Flash or provide alternate interfaces for people who can't or choose not to use Flash. However, is not a good, well-designed website, and its designers are stupid, lazy assholes who should be hunted down and executed, or at the very least tossed into an oubliette for several years.

Those of you who are wondering may assume that I am not particularly pimp, and the Marvel super-heroine I would be is Bova.

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