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Art on Sunday: Ready-to-Wear

Stuart Davis (1894–1964)
Ready-to-Wear, 1955
Oil on canvas
Stuart Davis, Ready-To-Wear
Art Institute of Chicago

You know what's funny? A lot of people would look at this painting and describe it as modern art, even though it was painted fifty years ago. It'd be like turning on your local modern rock radio station and hearing "Rock Around the Clock."

Here's what the Art Institute has to say about this painting:

The broad, flattened areas of red, white, black, and blue color could represent leftover pieces of fabric, while the angular white shape at the upper-right corner suggests a pair of scissors. With its bright palette and energetic composition, the painting celebrates not only the vitality of the ready-to-wear clothing industry but also of America itself.

Yeah, the vitality of the ready-to-wear clothing industry was the first thing I thought of when I saw this painting. Good call.


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