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Ten random things: February 24

Ten books my brother owns:

  1. Michael L. Fleisher, The Great Superman Book
  2. John Grisham, The Broker
  3. Beverly Engel, The Power of Apology: Healing Steps to Transform All Your Relationships
  4. Nigel Hamilton, Bill Clinton: An American Journey
  5. E. Thomas Wood, Karski: How One Man Tried to Stop the Holocaust
  6. Ollie Johnson and Frank Thomas, The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation
  7. Alfred J. Kolatch, The Second Jewish Book of Why
  8. James R. Grossman, Ann Durkin Keating, and Janice L. Reiff, editors, The Encyclopedia of Chicago
  9. Scott McCloud, Understanding Comics
  10. Alex McNeil, Total Television

I also own The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation and Understanding Comics, for what that's worth.


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