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And of course I watched Smallville too.

It's about time Clark told someone about his secret!  All last year, I kept thinking that his life would be SO much easier if Chloe or Pete knew.

My inner comic book geek is glad it was Pete.  In the Silver Age Superboy comics, Pete was the only person who knew the secret.  The twist there was that Clark didn't know Pete knew.  Clark and Pete were camping together, and in the middle of the night something happened that Clark needed to take care off -- I think it was that a circus train had derailed or something.  Pete was awakened by a bright bolt of lightning and saw Clark changing into his Superboy outfit.  Pete covered for Clark on various occasions thereafter, but didn't tell Clark he knew until they were both adults.

This is all pre-Crisis, by the way.  Post-Crisis, Clark never was Superboy, and the only person in Smallville who knew about his secret was Lana Lang, whom he himself told the night he left Smallville.  Since Smallville is more-or-less patterned on the post-Crisis mythos, I was "worried" that Lana would be the first to find out, which was troubling (because the Silver Age stuff is what I grew up with, and is therefore the "correct" version).

I'm curious now about where exactly they're going with Clark, Lana and Chloe vis a vis Clark's secret.  Lana is clearly pushing Clark to tell her his secret, and I think he kind of wants to tell her, especially now that he's reconciled with Pete, but how could he justify telling her and not telling Chloe?  Honestly, I'm not sure how he justifies not telling Chloe now, because Clark's must realize that there will be hell to pay if she finds out that he told Pete (and maybe Lana) before telling her.

And then there's Lex.  The Clark/Lex dynamic is funny and fabulous and, as even I, ever the Ho!Yay! skeptic, must admit, oh so very gay, but I'm glad he was a diminished presence in this episode.  I think it's inevitable that Lex will find out Clark's secret, and I imagine that's what will ultimately drive the wedge between them.  But there's a problem if that turns out to be the case.  The ongoing "Lex probes around the edge of Clark's secret" -- and I'd like to point out that it's impossible to write about Clark and Lex without having it sound dirty -- storyline is very tiresome.  But they can't have Lex find out while the show is still in production (except perhaps in the final season), so that means it's just going to go right on being tiresome for the foreseeable future.  Bah.

One last thing: I think they're doing a better job this year of making Tom Welling look like a high school student.  It's the hair, I think.  He's still not particularly convincing, but at least he doesn't look 25 as often as he used to.

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