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Art on Sunday: River Landscape

Jan Brueghel the Elder (1568–1625)
River Landscape, 1607
oil on copper

Jan Brueghel the Elder, River LandscapeJan Brueghel the Elder, River Landscape
Jan Brueghel the Elder, River LandscapeJan Brueghel the Elder, River Landscape
National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

I watched the Oscars at my friend Lori's house last Sunday, and as I often do when I watch award showsat her house, I spent the night in her guest room. On my way home the next day—I had taken the day off work, which is sort of a post-Oscars tradition for me—I decided to drop by the National Gallery to see the exhibit of Fauve paintings currently on display in the East Building. I also took the opportunity to visit the Ruscha and Kertész exhibits on the ground floor of the West Building. I'm not normally a big fan of the ground floor galleries; they're not as laid out as well as those on the main floor, and the works on display—mostly sculpture and decorative arts—don't interest me as much as the paintings on the main floor. But that's not to say that there's nothing worth seeing on the ground floor. For example, this painting by the Flemish artist Jan Brueghel the Elder caught my eye. I think it's the intense blue of the sky that attracted my attention. I wonder if painting on copper makes the colors look more vibrant?


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