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06 March 2005 @ 07:02 pm
Job stuff  
I suppose I should say something about my new job. Not that it's really all that new any more; I've had it now for over a month.

Actually, I guess I should start by saying something about my old job. I don't want to go into a lot of detail about why I left, but the short version is that a project I was responsible for went south, the client wasn't happy, and the company and I determined that the best thing to do to try to salvage the contract was for me to resign. So I did.

So, the new job. I have returned to my roots, so to speak: I'm working in retail sales, at a bookstore here in Loudoun County. I'm working there full-time, five days a week, mostly during the day and early evening. I never work on Sunday, and my other day off depends largely on the whim of the general manager, who draws up the schedule. This coming week I have Tuesday off; last week, Monday (though that was at my request); before that, Thursday. I usually don't start before ten, which gives me time before work to send out resumes, make phone calls, and what have you. Typically, my weekday day off is also devoted to looking for a new professional-type job. I like this job, but I don't really see myself making a career in retail.

So far, I'm enjoying myself. The first week was kind of rough—I'd forgotten how draining a retail job can be—but I've gotten used to it now. I like my managers and my co-workers, and I love being around books all day. (Not that I can stop and read them or anything.) And I enjoy customer service. It's fun helping people find what they're looking for. The pay is decent for the kind of job it is, and the perks are pretty good: 20% discount on everything (30% on the first of the month) and I can "check out" any hardback or trade paperback in the store for up to two weeks. Sweet!

So that's where things stand now. Just thought you should know.
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