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Well, it would appear that Diet Vanilla Coke is, in fact, Vanilla Diet Coke. And it's not that bad. I don't envision myself drinking it that often, but it's potable at least.

What Is Your True Aura Color?

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I took this test twice. The first time I got red: "Reds are physical and sexual. They love expressing themselves through their sensuality and their physical bodies. They live their lives in the here-and-now with zest, strength, courage and self-confidence." Um, no. Not even remotely close to being in the vicinity of the neighborhood of being a good description of me.

What Element Are You?

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Hmm. OK. I've been described as stubborn, and I do prefer the tangible to the ethereal. Not sure about the rest of it though. On the other hand, I went back and changed some of the answers I was a little wavery on, and got the same answer. So there you go.

What Kind of Fruit Are You?

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Mmm, pears. I'm kind of shaped like a pear too.

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