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Ten random things: March 10

Yesyetday at the book store I ran across a series of children's books called Animal Ark. Each book in the series has an alliterative title like Bears in the Barn or Badger in the Basement. And that got me thinking…

Ten rejected titles for Animal Ark books:

  1. Goslings in the Guillotine
  2. Swan in the Slaughterhouse
  3. Pomeranian in the Puppy Mill
  4. Ducklings in the DMZ
  5. Gelding in the Glue Factory
  6. Raccoon in the Reactor Core
  7. Armadillo in the Abattoir
  8. Cockroaches in the Cupboard
  9. Monkeys in the Microwave
  10. Spiders in the Soup

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