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Ten random things: March 11

Ten people who have won more than one Pulitzer Prize:

  1. Carol Guzy (Spot News Photography, 1986; Spot News Photography, 1995)
  2. Robert E. Sherwood (Drama, for Idiot's Delight, 1936; Drama, for Abe Lincoln in Illinois, 1939; Drama, for There Shall Be No Night, 1941; Biography or Autobiography, for Roosevelt and Hopkins, 1948)
  3. Jeff MacNelly (Editorial Cartooning, 1971; Editorial Cartooning, 1978; Editorial Cartooning, 1985)
  4. Robert Penn Warren (Novel, for All the King's Men, 1947; Poetry, for Promises: Poems 1954-1956, 1958; Poetry, for Now and Then, 1979)
  5. Norman Mailer (General Non-Fiction, for The Armies Of The Night, 1969; Fiction, for The Executioner's Song, 1980)
  6. Eugene O'Neill (Drama, for Beyond the Horizon, 1920; Drama, for Anna Christie, 1922; Drama, for Strange Interlude, 1928; Drama, for Long Day's Journey Into Night, 1957)
  7. Gian-Carlo Menotti (Music, for Music in The Consul, 1950; Music, for The Saint of Bleecker Street, 1955)
  8. Thornton Wilder (Novel, for The Bridge of San Luis Rey, 1928; Drama, for Our Town, 1938; Drama, for The Skin of Our Teeth, 1943)
  9. Edwin Arlington Robinson (Poetry, for Collected Poems, 1922; Poetry, for The Man Who Died Twice, 1925; Poetry, for Tristram, 1928)
  10. John Updike (Fiction, for Rabbit Is Rich, 1982; Fiction, for Rabbit at Rest, 1991)

Robert E. Sherwood is, as far as I know, one of only two individuals ever to win four Pulitzer Prizes. So how is it that he's so obscure? I don't think I'd ever heard of him before tonight.


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