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Man, what a boring day. It was, as they say in Ventura County, California, and outlying environs, duller than a dull thing that's dull. For whatever reason, I was the only employee (the only non-management employee, that is) in the store this afternoon, meaning I was more or less confined to the front third of the store, so as to stay close to the registers. I managed to keep busy for the first five hours or so, shelving books in the stacks near the front of the store, replenishing the end caps, straightening the impulse items stocked next to the registers, and even ringing up the occasional customer. But the customers were very occasional—I didn't even break a thousand bucks in sales—so by 5:30 or so I had pretty well exhausted all the opportunities for busy work. Luckily, the evening shift came in a half hour later, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been, but it was still pretty damn dull.

What's ironic is that there was a ton of stuff that needed to be done today. We got a truck yesterday evening, and we're inventorying the store tomorrow morning, so everything that came in on the truck needed to be shelved today. If we'd had a normal complement of booksellers today, I certainly would have been out on the floor all day shelving, which would have been fun. But no, I had to work the register. Which normally I don't mind, but it's just not that engaging an activity when there are no customers in the store.

Of course, tomorrow there'll be no customers in the store at all, at least while I'm there. So I'll get to spend my time running around the store, trying to help the folks from RGIS find ISBN numbers (yeah, I know, shut up) and performing spot recounts on some of the high-dollar-value shelves. Fun. And even more fun, I have to be there at 6 AM! Which means it's almost time for bed.

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