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Ten random things: April 7

Ten years during which three or more men served as pope:

  1. 1276 (Blessed Gregory X, Blessed Innocent V, Adrian V, John XXI)
  2. 1503 (Alexander VI, Pius III, Julius II)
  3. 1045 (Benedict IX, Sylvester III, Benedict IX, Gregory VI)
  4. 896 (Formosus, Boniface VI, Stephen VII)
  5. 1187 (Urban III, Gregory VIII, Clement III)
  6. 1605 (Clement VIII, Leo XI, Paul V)
  7. 827 (Eugene II, Valentine, Gregory IV)
  8. 1003 (Sylvester II, John XVII, John XVIII)
  9. 1978 (Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II)
  10. 897 (Stephen VII, Romanus, Theodore II)

Note that Benedict IX served two non-consecutive terms as pope in 1045. And he assumed for a third time papal throne again in 1047. He's the Grover Cleveland of the Roman Catholic Church! He was also, according to the New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia, "a disgrace to the Chair of Peter." Well, nobody's perfect.


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