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Ten random things: April 8

Ten claims of dubious veracity made by the makers of The Amityville Horror:

  1. Based on a true story
  2. Personally endorsed by Pope John Paul II with his dying breath
  3. If you invite that girl you like to see it with you, she'll think you're really cool
  4. Ryan Reynolds received critical acclaim for his comedic performance as the title role in National Lampoon's Van Wilder.
  5. Contains 100% of the recommended daily allowance of nine essential vitamins and minerals
  6. Seeing this movie will cure male pattern baldness
  7. Reynolds is fondly remembered for his hysterical portrayal of medical student Michael Bergen in ABC's Two Guys and a Girl.
  8. Ten percent of the gross profits will be used to provide assistance to tsunami victims
  9. Tom Cruise really wanted to play the lead role, but he had a scheduling conflict
  10. Our official web site doesn't suck

Numbers four and seven are direct quotes from the official web site.


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