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I'm going to be the first to jump on board rustydog's Miss Kitty Fantastico 'ship, albeit with one minor change. I've decided it should be a 'ship between Miss Kitty and Rocky, the adorably doomed Yorkie from "Beneath You." Because while I accept that "rustydog" is an actual dog that just happens to have the same name as rustydog, it still skeeves me out a little bit. Plus, Rocky is an actual Buffyverse character.

So, without further ado, the first MKF/R fic. Stolen outright Freely adapted from The Simpsons episode "Itchy & Scratchy & Marge."

Tea and Sympathy

Miss Kitty Fantastico and her best friend Rocky sat together on the porch, enjoying the warm summer sun. Miss Kitty turned to Rocky and gestured to the pitcher of ice tea on the table beside her. "Ice tea?" she purred.

"Please," said Rocky, smiling fondly at his friend.

"I made it just for you," Miss Kitty said as she filled Rocky's glass.

Rocky took the glass from Miss Kitty, and said, "You are my best friend." Miss Kitty poured a glass for herself, and the two friends sat sipping their tea in companionable silence. Rocky wagged his tail in satisfaction. "Mmm, this really hits the spot!"

"Mm. Doesn't it, though," Miss Kitty agreed, delicately licking tea from her whiskers.

"You make really good ice tea, Miss Kitty."

Miss Kitty chuckled modestly and waved her little paw to dismiss the compliment. "Thank you, Rocky."

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