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Earlier this evening after choir rehearsal, I complained to my fellow tenors that we were doing nothing in recognition of May Day, which is this Sunday. I pointed out that there was a fine hymn called "Come, Labor On" that would have been perfect. Or even better, "God the Omnipotent," which is sung to the tune of "God Save the Tsar." (Which obviously predates the Soviet era, but close enough.) That led me off on a tangent about how the Order of the Arrow song is sung to the same tune, and I was moderately surprised to find I could still sing it after not having done so for almost twenty years:

Firm bound in brotherhood,
Gather the clan
That cheerful service brings to fellow man.
Circle our council fire,
Weld tightly every link
That binds us in brotherhood:

That last word is a Delaware Indian word meaning "brotherhood," by the way.

I didn't do so well on the Obligation. I had it memorized at one point—I remember teaching it to myself on a bus trip to a marching band contest—but I could only recall about half of it tonight. Alas.

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