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Ten random things: May 4

Ten people with whom Dr. Richard Feynman corresponded:

  1. Lewis H. Strauss (Officer, Lewis & Rose Strauss Memorial Fund)
  2. Isidor I. Rabi (Department of Physics, Columbia University)
  3. A. V. Seshagiri (Student, Bombay, India)
  4. Dorothy W. Weeks (Wellesley, Mass.)
  5. Walter J. Stoessel, Jr. (Officer in Charge, USSR Affairs, U.S. Department of State)
  6. A. N. Nesmeyarrov (President, Academy of Sciences of U.S.S.R.)
  7. Arline Feynman (Dr. Feynman's first wife)
  8. John Wheeler (Los Alamos, N.M.)
  9. Don Wright (Swanage, Dorset, England)
  10. Walter M. Rudolph (Assistant to the Science Advisor, U.S. Department of State)

These names were drawn from Perfectly Reasonable Deviations from the Beaten Track: The Letters of Richard P. Feynman, Michelle Feynman, ed. It's a fascinating collection, because Feynman corresponded with a remarkably broad selection of people: fellow physicists, students, people who saw him on TV, and people who wrote to discuss their own scientific theories.

One item that will be of interest to, perhaps, two of the people reading this: the aforementioned Dorothy W. Weeks was a professor and head of the Department of Physics at Wilson College in Chambersburg, Pa., from 1930 to 1943 and from 1945 to 1956. (During World War II, she worked for the U.S. government's Office of Scientific Research and Development.)


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