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Angel is off to a really strong start this season. I was really impressed by the season premiere last week. In my experience, it's rare that the second half of a two-part story improves on the first half -- witness, for example, any two-part episode of Star Trek: the Next Generation -- but "Deep Down" was approximately one grillion times better than "Tomorrow." And "Ground State," while not quite as good as "Deep Down," was still pretty darn good.

Some things I liked:
  • Electra Woman. It was a nice change of pace to see a super-powered/demonic guest star with a bit of a personality beyond, "evil." I liked that she was still troubled enough by her accidental frying of that little boy when she was a wee bairn to delay her escape long enough to revive Gunn. Also, she's hot. I wouldn't mind seeing her again. Maybe as a rival for Angel's affections once Cordelia returns? (Not a spoiler, just an assumption.)
  • Fred. It was fun to see her in hyper-efficient mode, and I thought her frustration at having to be the one to hold everything together was very plausible and well-performed by Amy Acker. I've never been as anti-Fred as some people, but she was incredibly annoying in several episodes last season, so it's nice to see he being, well, not annoying.
  • Lilah and Angel on the overpass. These two have developed an interesting dynamic. They clearly don't like each other, but they do seem to have some small degree of mutual respect. It's kind of like the relationship that sometimes developed between US and Soviet spies during the Cold War; officially, they were enemies, but when stationed in remote locations they couldn't help running into one another and would not infrequently develop a friendly-on-the-surface professional relationship with one another.
  • Wesley and Angel: I like that they're letting this play out slowly. It makes perfect sense that their relationship would continue to be strained, given what happened last season. I also like that Wes has stepped up and continued fighting the good fight with his own crew of operatives.
What I didn't like:
  • Wesley's voice. I get that he sounds different because his throat was cut last season, but I don't like the rougher tone Alexis Denisof has adopted since then. I hope things will go back to normal as he heals.
  • Cordy in the higher realms. Way to repeat last week's joke, dude. On the other hand, it's nice to see Cordelia being snarky instead of schmoopy.

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