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I was going to post the results of the "What body part of Brian's are you?" quiz here, but when I got to the question that required me to "pick a great Backstreet song," I had to quit.

So instead, here's a list of everything on my desk.

  • Agency telephone directory, dated Summer 2000
  • Caerwyn's address
  • Cathedral Choral Society rehearsal and performance schedule
  • Cathedral Choral Society singer handbook
  • A Cat's Meow map of Iowa
  • A drinking glass filled with RAM
  • Dry-erase marker (black)
  • Employee handbook
  • An empty manila envelope

  • Empty Styrofoam cup
  • Ganesh finger puppet, purchased in Boston in February
  • Homecoming brochure
  • Instruction manuals for two different software packages I'm evaluating
  • The keyboard with which I typed this list
  • A little brass owl, from a co-worker who recently visited Greece
  • Liquid Paper
  • A Longaberger business card basket
  • A makeshift paper holder made from a metal bookend and a long strip of cardboard
  • Nun figure puppet, purchased at the same place I got Ganesh
  • One computer speaker
  • Picture of my niece Libby
  • Printed copy of a cascading style sheet
  • Printed copy of the most recent TWoP West Wing recap
  • Program from the September 11 memorial service at Washington National Cathedral
  • Program from the William Walton Centennial Celebration, performed May 19, 2002 by the Cathedral Choral Society
  • PVC figurine of Lilo holding her weird homemade doll
  • PVC figurine of Stitch riding a Big Wheel
  • Red armadillo figurine, a gift from a former co-worker who vacationed in Mexico
  • Review of the book What Einstein Told His Cook: Kitchen Science Explained, clipped from the Washington City Paper
  • Salt and pepper shakers stolen borrowed from the cafeteria downstairs
  • Scotch tape dispenser (black)
  • Spring 2002 issue of Cornell Report, the Cornell College alumni magazine
  • A stapler, black with fake wood grain
  • A statuette of James K. Polk
  • A Superman button I got at the San Diego Comicon
  • Two binders containing hard copies of completed software evaluation reports
  • Two comically outdated database programming books: Straley's Programming with Clipper 5.0 and Xbase Cross Reference handbook
  • Two Diet Coke cans: one empty, one partially full
  • Two pens: one blue felt-tip, one black ballpoint
  • Uncle Scrooge figurine, a gift from Caerwyn
  • Uncle Scrooge insulated travel mug I bought at Disneyland, and the lid

This is what you get when you make a government contractor work on a Federal holiday.

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