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Ten random things: June 14

Ten candidates in today's statewide primary elections in Virginia:

  1. Robert F. McDonnell (Republican candidate for Attorney General)
  2. Sean T. Connaughton (Republican, Lieutenant Governor)
  3. Bill Bolling (Republican, Lieutenant Governor)
  4. Viola Baskerville (Democrat, Lieutenant Governor)
  5. George B. Fitch (Republican, Governor)
  6. Jerry W. Kilgore (Republican, Governor)
  7. Stephen E. Baril (Republican, Attorney General)
  8. Phillip P. Puckett (Democrat, Lieutenant Governor)
  9. J. Chapman Petersen (Democrat, Lieutenant Governor)
  10. Leslie L. Byrne (Democrat, Lieutenant Governor)

I voted! Good thing I was listening to the radio this morning; otherwise I might have forgotten there was an election today.


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