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Election results

Not that anyone cares, but the winners in the primary elections I mentioned the other day were Jerry Kilgore (Republican candidate for governor), Leslie Byrne (Democrat, lieutenant governor), Bill Bolling (Republican, lieutenant governor), and Robert McDonnell (Republican, attorney general).

I voted for Byrne (who I met briefly when I worked at the DCCC in 1994), so go me. She's kind of an interesting character, politically speaking. She was elected to the US House of Representatives in 1992, but lost her bid for re-election two years later when the Republicans took control of the House. Then in 1999 she was elected to the State Senate, and she was redistricted into a heavily Republican district. That's why she decided to run for lieutenant governor, apparently; she's quoted in a Washington Post article as saying, "They can't redistrict me out of Virginia. They can try, but they can't. I've looked it up."

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