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Ten random things: June 24

Ten surprises in Serenity:

  1. It's a thinly disguised remake of Reefer Madness.
  2. It turns out that the Independents didn't have WMDs after all.
  3. Ends with an exciting scene of Jayne leaping from one ice floe to another to rescue Simon before he goes over a waterfall.
  4. Wash is the Half-Blood Prince.
  5. The entire film takes place in the imagination of an autistic child in Boston.
  6. A cameo by Richard Belzer as Detective John Munch.
  7. Due to budgetary constraints, the character Book is played by an actual book with a picture of Ron Glass on the cover.
  8. Zoe, River, and Mal distract a platoon of Alliance soldiers with an impromptu performance of "Three Little Girls From School."
  9. The middle third of the movie is just a long, unbroken shot of Kaylee and Inara making out.
  10. Serenity was the name of Mal's sled.

In all seriousness, Serenity was great. Our showing didn't attract any of the stars, unfortunately, and all the promo keychains were gone by the time we exited the theater, but it was totally worth it anyway.


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