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Ten random things: June 27

Ten Judy Bolton novels by Margaret Sutton:

  1. The Mysterious Half Cat (1936)
  2. The Living Portrait (1947)
  3. The Trail of the Green Doll (1956)
  4. The Pledge of the Twin Knights (1965)
  5. The Mystic Ball (1934)
  6. The Secret of the Barred Window (1943)
  7. The Haunted Road (1954)
  8. The Puzzle in the Pond (1963)
  9. The Ghost Parade (1933)
  10. The Clue in the Patchwork Quilt (1941)

One of my mom's passions was her collection of Judy Bolton novels. She had collected them as a young girl, but at some point her mother gave them all away to one of her cousins. As an adult, she carried a list of all the novels in the series with her at all times, so that if she found one in a used book store or at a flea market, she'd know if it was on she was still missing. I was never a big Judy Bolton fan myself—I was a Three Investigators boy all the way—but they were pretty good. One thing I liked about them, though, was that she actually aged as the series progressed, which is fairly unusual for a series that ran as long as hers did (34 years).


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